Cheerleaders bond through the art of painting

By Ms. De'Andria Bogney

Tis the season as the East Campus Wildcat Cheerleaders and their parents celebrate the holidays with their first annual winter holiday party!

A special guest, Ms. Tina Minor (Painting with Tina), joined us on Saturday, Dec. 8, to spread joy and inspiration by leading them to paint portraits of beautiful angels. Aside from regular cheer and dance routines, the girls were able to display creativity in another arena. They discovered they are unique artists in their own way.

Watch the cheerleaders paint (Video)

Interview with artist, teacher and two cheerleaders (Video)

Cheerleader talks about her painting (Video)

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During the painting process, they also learned brush and stroke techniques and how to show texture with different colors. The atmosphere was filled with tasty foods, thoughtful gifts, love, and cheerful hearts!

I feel we have the best parents in the world! They were fully present, ready to serve and enjoying themselves as well.

Thank you so much for making this event one to remember! My goal was to create a long-lasting memorable experience of bonding and fun for everyone before winter break. The outcome exceeded my expectations. It was truly a delightful time and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Ms. Bogney is a fourth-grade teacher and the cheerleading coach

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