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Mission Statement

The mission of The Varnett Public School is to provide a rigorous academic program that meets the needs of our diverse population.

Core Values
Common Decency
High Student Achievement
Meaningful Parental Engagement

The Varnett Public School is dedicated to excellence in all things.
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Director's Message

Dear East Families,
I hope you are well, safe and learning how to survive the coronavirus pandemic. I would like to thank all parents for being “The Teacher” in the household. Our connections with one another are now dependent upon electronic means and the mail system. We ask parents and students to please check our website ( daily for current information, updates and educational resources. The Varnett staff continues to make weekly contacts through phone calls, emails, Google Classrooms, Google Hangouts, Class Dojo, and Remind App.
There are a few things I would encourage you and your family to do at home during the Shelter-in-Place: Read for fun and journal daily. Create a family art wall collage. Write a play, make costumes, and take turns acting out the plays. Video tape the plays and watch them during popcorn-movie night. Instead of Tony Awards, create your own awards ceremony, dress up, walk down the red carpet and give out home-made trophies for the best play and actors.
I understand how challenging it is to remain positive during this time, so I encourage you to practice family unity and find joy while at home. I’m hopeful that we see the beauty and benefit of spending time with our families while being safe inside.  
As online learning continues, teachers will continue to post weekly lessons, videos and activities for the learning process at home. We are here for you. Please let us know how we may support you. My hope is for you to stay healthy and be strong during these challenging times.
Ms. Gayle Voltz
East Campus Director