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Important advice from a five-year breast cancer survivor

By Ms. Gayle Voltz

Director, The Varnett School East

The Varnett School East celebrated “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” Wednesday, October 18, 2018, by wearing the color pink school-wide. The students and staff supported the cause, which impacts many families every year, by sporting the color pink proudly with T-shirts, socks,  armbands, jewelry and tennis shoes.

Breast cancer has impacted all of us in many ways. The students and staff have lost loved ones and some of the staff are breast-cancer survivors.

Every year I have a standing appointment at MD Anderson Cancer Center for a mammogram and blood work to check for cancer cells. This year I have reached a milestone, as I am a five-year cancer survivor. I stand on the platform that early detection is key to detecting the early stages of breast cancer and surviving the ordeal.

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This year students and staff released breast cancer balloons in remembrance of lost loved ones. It was very touching and emotional for some. One student commented, “This balloon is for you, Mom.”

We must all continue this fight to beat cancer and eventually find a cure. One of our high academically achieving students may one day find a cure for breast cancer. Please continue to spread the word: early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer.

Go get your mammogram test and save a life.

Photos by Ms. Joycelyn Stewart and Ms. Maria Vela

Video by Ms. Joycelyn Stewart

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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