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Grandparents Day at East campus

The Varnett School East's theme for Grandparents Day was “Hats Off To Grandparents!"
Students and staff alike celebrated the day by wearing various styles of hats. I wore a gorgeous navy blue hat that day, as I greeted grandparents who said they were appreciative of their special, Sept. 7 event.
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The students colored grandparent pictures ,wrote sentiments in poems and presented the thoughtful tokens to their loved ones. The grandparents visited the classrooms, met their grandchildren’s teachers and took family pictures in the library. We had a great turnout and grandparents enjoyed spending valuable family involvement time at their grandchildren’s school.

Ms. Gayle Voltz
Director, The Varnett School East

Photographer: Ms. Jocelyn Stewart 
Assistant: Ms. Rena Rosser
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