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East's 4th-grade poetry book gets published

Fourth-graders at The Varnett School East recently wrote a book on poetry and got it published with Studentreasures, a publishing program that has helped create more than 12 million authors.
The book is entitled "The Amazing Book of 4th Grade Poetry."  The students are in the classrooms of Ms. D'Andria Bogney's and Ms. Jennifer Pierre's. People, and especially parents, can order the book by going to and typing the pin number 7046043 or by calling 1-800-867-2292.
The 73-page book, dedicated "to our family, friends, classmates and teachers," contains illustrations as well as hand-written text. The poems are written in both English and Spanish.
The titles include "Squares," "Best Friends Forever," "My Awesome Life," "My Favorite Teachers," "Yummy Potatoes," "My Mom" "Technology," and "Family."
In 2016, East fourth-graders wrote and published a recipe book.
Congratulations to our new authors!
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