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Scenes from the first-ever soccer game at East campus

Students at The Varnett School East played their first-ever soccer game April 27 next door at Rollingwood Apartments.
The launch of soccer was a long time coming. As other campuses started their programs earlier in the school year, East's was delayed because of extensive damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane forced the relocation of staff and students to the Northeast campus until last January.
Ms. Shannon Payne, assistant coach at East, said the campus has staged two other soccer games since April 27 and expects to be in full gear after the start of the 2018-19 school year. Students on the team will play teams from other campuses, Ms. Payne said.
Current team members will receive medals and certificates for their participation on Tuesday, May 29.
A special shoutout goes to Mr. Lonnie Reynolds, the athletic director of The Varnett Public School; Mr. Jean Carlo DeLeon, the soccer coach; Ms. Nancy Rodriguez, staff soccer volunteer, and Ms. Yessica Flores, parent volunteer
Have a great summer!
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