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East educators emphasize the power of praise

The success of the Parent Empowerment Program continued at The Varnett School East on April 4 as parents and students alike were introduced to the concept of "The Power of Praise."
The evening session attracted 82 parents and 100 students as educators focused on the strategies of reading, math and taking The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests.  "We are asking parents to praise their children effectively at home," said Ms. Gayle Voltz, the campus director.
A handout by the University of Washington listed 101 phrases of praise such as "I listen to you," "great imagination," "you're on the mark," "you've got heart"  "keep trying," and "thanks for being honest."
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Parents should be specific in their praise. For example, general praise such as "good job" doesn't help the child know what the parent liked or what was well done, says Parenting Counts, a research-based resource site developed to support parents and caregivers in raising socially and emotionally healthy children. Instead, try saying, "You picked up every toy off the floor in your room, and it looks nice and clean," the resource site states.
To emphasize the point further, parents were shown videos Power of Praise and SueƱos y logros.
"We feel the parents learned good strategies in using the power of praise," Ms. Voltz said.
The next Parent Empowerment Program, focusing on health and wellness, is scheduled for next month. Stay tuned for details.
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