Parents get inside look at guided reading, vocabulary lessons

Our first Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) meeting at East campus kicked off today with "The Power of Guided Reading."
Parents were invited to witness the inner workings of the guided reading process in stations with students. The English as a Second Language (ESL) staff translated the lesson so the parents could be a part of the action occurring at each station.
A fifth-grade teaching station was led by fifth-grade reading teacher, Ms. Yolonda Williams.
The technology piece allowed the students to read a passage that was assigned from ReadWorks through Google classroom. There was a station for vocabulary mini-questions and answers that pertained to reading strategies.
The parents worked on vocabulary matches at their station and were instructed to continue this process at home with their children. Forty-six parents representing 76 students attended the PEP session, which started at 8:30 a.m.
Overall, "The Power of Guided Reading" was a huge success with students and parents collaborating with the help of the teachers and staff. Ms. Yolonda Williams, Mrs. Gomez, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Estrada and Mr. Gomez all helped facilitate an effective educational parenting event.
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Ms. Gayle Voltz, campus director
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